AwardsCMS stays on top of it all Relax, we’ll watch out for you so nothing falls through the cracks

Leave the legwork and muscle to our software. Our team will work with you to set up your award or contest in the system, and then give you the keys and training so that you are on auto-pilot. The software lets you stay on top of your submissions, monitoring and organizing each entry all in one place. If there is an issue, awardsCMS lets you know right away.

With awardsCMS you’re never caught off guard

Move your awards program online Never stress about organizing spreadsheets and emails again

Streamline your submission process by going online. You’ll never have to perform the juggling act of organizing traditional mail, binders, and multiple emails again. Have applicants submit online in a friendly and fun environment. No stamps, no phone calls, no hassle.

AwardsCMS does the heavy lifting – for you

Give Judges what they wantStress-free online and onsite judging

Make judging clear and straightforward. Forget about the headache of calculating scores yourself or chasing down judges to finish entering their scores. Reviewers enter their scores into the system from anywhere they want, and with their preferred device. We take it from there, and you get accurate tallies without the exhaustion.

Have in-person judging? Let your judges walk around with the ability to score and comment on entries right from their iPad or iPhone.

AwardsCMS does the math so you don't have to

AwardsCMS keeps it togetherOne click reporting at your finger tips

With so many submissions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Stop worrying, with awardsCMS you’ll always know exactly where everything is with our simple "do it yourself" report builder and email center.

AwardsCMS keeps everything in check

Fully Integrates With Your Membership SystemDon't worry, it's all there in one central place

Stop worrying about time consuming Excel imports into your central database. awardsCMS fully integrates with your CRM/AMS so you don't lose a beat.

awardsCMS delivers transparent, bi-directional synchronization of contact data, activities and payment records into systems like iMIS, Avectra, Personify or Salesforce. Need a more advanced integration or do you use another system? Contact awardsCMS for more details.

awardsCMS lets your systems talk together